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"Sounds of Nature"

HAND CRAFTED - that is the essential difference between the bowls and other ornaments made by the craftsmen at the Abercrombie River and the "commercial" alternatives you might find elsewhere

The perfect gift for overseas and other visitors, or just as beautiful ornaments for your home

Of course, we recover suitable materials from other areas of the Blue Mountains and Southern Highlands, but most of the burl comes from our own rural properties located in the area between the Abercrombie River and the Werong Creek, high in the Great Dividing Range between Oberon and Goulburn in NSW. At an altitude of around 3500 feet above sea level, the Abercrombie River is the only Western-flowing river in the state. With moderately high annual rainfall, consistently high winds,relatively poor and shallow soil, the native forests are home to a variety of Eucalyptus species that include Yellow Box, Stringybark, Scribbly gum and Southern Myrtle. It is the combination of these factors that produces large numbers of visually interesting trees. In particular, the shallow root systems of most of these species causes trees to fall without being cut-down and these are the source of many of our best burls.

our factory - fallen timber near the river

Our Factory

massive burl on growing yellow boxmultiple burls on fallen yellow box

The burls from the growing tree (left) will take many years to dry sufficiently, but those from the 50 year old fallen tree (right) has been down for at least 5 years and is virtually ready for cutting and shaping.

For these reasons, if you see a burl you love, but it is on a growing tree, come back in 5 years! This is the traditional process we use and is very different to the techniques used for kiln dried "manufactured" burl bowls. See our page "Our processes" for more information.

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